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About William

Yes, it's true - you can still vote for your favorite democratic fighter, William Russell Moore, during the upcoming 2017 General Election.

William is running in the General Election on November 7, 2017 under the Reform Party line as Councilmember for the New York City Council in District 18 in The Bronx.

Given the fact that only 10K voters out of 60K came out to vote, President Donald Trump's favorite candidate won the Democratic nomination.  Voters, who stayed home or forgot to vote, allowed others to steal the Democratic nomination.

Despite the fact that the New York City Board of Elections changed around polling sites at the 11th hour in District 18, along with the massive administrative dysfunction at all polling sites, broken scanners, and a laundry list of other voter suppression techniques employed, low voter turnout elected the wrong person under the Democratic Party nomination. Ruben Diaz, Sr. is inept in the NYS Senate and will be ineffective in the NYC Council.  Period!

William is the only independent democratic candidate – of any party – who is talking about reforming our corrupt political system, combating gentrification, fighting for real affordable housing options and helping cash-strapped families to make more income and more... 

William Russell Moore is a household name in The Bronx. William is unbought, unbossed, outspoken and no one's puppet. He is an underground and grassroots champion for the downtrodden, disenfranchised and voiceless Bronx natives looking to make ends meet in an era of gentrification, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant fervor.  

In a nutshell, William is the preferred candidate and the front-runner by all multi-ethnic communities, bar now. After William graduated from college in mid 90s, William landed his very first job working at City Hall under Mayor David N. Dinkins, who was our City's first Black Mayor.

William Russell Moore is smart, articulate, gifted, fearless and a courageous fighter for the poor and voiceless American Bronx natives and immigrants being railroaded by the system in Bronx County.  He is the type of man who will stand by you when other will not.

He is a Black man, who is proud of his Cherokee Indian, Caribbean and Latin American heritage. William's father, who was born in the rural south of North Carolina on farmland, is of Black and Cherokee Indian lineage and his mother is of mixed Caribbean and Arawak Indian ancestry. 

"My father and his siblings worked the plantation picking cotton for my grandfather at an early age,"said City Council Candidate William Russell Moore.  "My mother is from White House, Westmoreland located on the beautiful island of Jamaica, West Indies.  Jamaica's national motto is "Out of Many, One People", as tribute to the unity of the different cultural ethnicities inhabiting the island nation. Perhaps as coincidence, the motto has the same meaning with the motto of the United States, E Pluribus Unum, which means "One from many" in Latin.  In essence, Jamaica is a melting pot of cultures similarly to the United States of America.

"White House is the fish capital of Jamaica and a destination where young boys and girls are taught to "Do for Self" at an early age and given a keen business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit from birth.  Caribbean fishermen are some of the best cooks and skilled hunters in the world. 

“I love my mother and father immensely, and was taught to respect and love all ethnicities and cultures from an early age," said City Council Candidate Moore.  “My parents grew up during a time in America, when Black people were overtly chastised for the color of their skin and not the content of their character. My parents and family wanted me to effectuate change in America and reared me to take a responsible role on the world stage.  I am a leader poised to make history for all of God’s Peoples.”

Raised by a single mother on welfare and a loving grandmother in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem – USA, William escaped the pitfalls of drugs, crime and violence by staying in public school and away from trouble. “Public school was relatively safe back when I was a youngster,” said City Council Candidate Moore. “My mother and grandmother always reminded me not to hang around bad company,” said City Council Candidate Moore.

William was also raised in the Morrisania section of The Bronx by his grandaunt and extended family and remembers the notorious arson fires that gutted and burned out his family’s neighborhood during the 1970s. “The fires made me mad as a youth because the South Bronx’s plight scorched my psyche. As a young man, I wanted things to improve and change. I just wanted life to be rewarding and fulfilling for everyone,” said City Council Candidate Moore.

William’s mother and grandmother instilled in him that getting a good education was the cornerstone to a better life. William graduated with a Diploma from the prestigious A. Philip Randolph Campus High School in Harlem – USA and later graduated with an Associate Degree in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Farmingdale and Stony Brook in Long Island, New York respectively.

Prior to graduating from SUNY Stony Brook, William landed a summer job working as a Special Assistant to Commissioner Richard Murphy at NYC Department of Youth Service (DYS), which is now called the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) today. William’s passion and dedication to help youth overcome obstacles in life, lead him to create a program called Youth Watch, which monitored negative youth related news stories and recommended conflict resolutions strategies to combat problems they faced citywide.  “My goal was to engage our youth into constructive activities and registering them with a local youth center, which was favored by Commissioner Murphy, who was a staunch advocate for our youth. Most time when our communities are in crisis, it’s always due to a lack of opportunity and government-funded programs,” continued City Council Candidate Moore.

He was later tapped by Mayor David N. Dinkins to work in his Press and Speech Writing Offices and succeeding Mayor Rudolph Giuliani did the same.  Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer recruited William to The Bronx and gave him a deputy press position in his Communications Office, which he tackled hardcore community problems boroughwide and wrote numerous press releases to the media. With the backing of one of the city’s hottest urban stations, William co-founded "Rap Da Vote" with HOT 97, touring local colleges in the city and out on Long Island with Bronx Borough President Ferrer, registering countless students to vote, while they enjoyed a mix of comedy, dance and Hip-Hop edutainment.

Inspired by the efforts of Deputy Bronx Borough President Genevieve S. Brookswho was a housing specialist, longtime community activist, executive director and president of MBD Community Housing Corporation (Mid-Bronx Desperadoes), a non-profit, grassroots organization creating more than 1,000 units of low and moderate income housing in the Crotona Park section The Bronx, and who was also cited by Bronx Borough President Ferrer as “One of the architects of the New Bronx,” William made The Bronx his home in 1995 and worked hard in his duties to also contribute to the borough’s rebirth and resurgence.  "Deputy Borough President Brooks is a dear friend and mentor.  I am indebted to her matriarchal guidance and stewardship," said City Council Candidate Moore. 

William hit the ground running and started a tenants' association for his building and got negligent landlords to make repairs, winning his tenants huge rent reductions through the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) as broadcasted and published by the media, including effectively resolving local issues with the city for homeowners, businesses and residents.

As a seasoned public servant, William was also tapped by Councilwoman Una Clarke of the 40th City Council District in Brooklyn to serve as her Chief of Staff and Communications Director, overseeing operations at the City Hall and District Offices, including, but not limited to hearings, press conferences and constituent and community affairs, etc.

William is a co-founder of the Black United Leadership of the Bronx (BULB) and currently works in the private sector. As a community leader, William is heavily involved in the redistribution of political and economic power back to the people of The Bronx.

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